Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flat Top Steamer Trunk

My mom recently went to New York to help clear out the house she grew up in because it was sold. She brought back her dad's old travel trunk. I really liked it, so I took a ton of pictures. I researched it a bunch online because I wanted to know it's true age & who made it. Unfortunately there's no maker's label or mark on it to tell who made it & when. From what I researched, this type of trunk was made between 1880-1920. It has a bunch of shipping labels on it & one of them is dated 3/2/45. The lock itself is marked with two patent dates (JUNE 13 1882 & DEC 6 1892) & the lock maker's name & town (EAGLE LOCK CO. TERRYVILLE CT). There is also the number 30 imprinted on the lock (maybe the serial number?).


  1. I'm gonna say no.....Just because.

  2. I need the guts of a long exactly like the one you have. Email me at